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Commercial Transactions

We advise clients on matters arising under Article 2 and Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”), including complex, long- and short-term purchase and sale agreements; financings; the creation and perfection of security interests; lease agreements; and security interest priority audits.


Technical Support


Our attorneys have expertise in helping companies fashion their own sets of standard terms of purchase and standard terms of sale to protect them during contractual disagreements. We provide wording and procedures that maximize the likelihood that your terms will apply to each agreement make.




We work collaboratively to address the full range of complex issues arising in the supply and distribution chain, including developing purchasing and sale structures; managing purchase, sale and warranty matters; addressing breach and adequate assurance matters, and termination rights.




We regularly negotiate and prepare terms and conditions of purchase and sale; distribution agreements; equipment leasing agreements; management agreements; outsourcing agreements; and joint venture, teaming and strategic alliance agreements.




We focus on the purchase, sale and leasing of goods and services. We review, draft, and prepare commercial agreements for you that cover a number of areas, including ownership of intellectual property, duties of confidentiality, warranties and remedies, your right to terminate, delays caused by casualties or other items beyond your control and return of tooling and other equipment.


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