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Liquor Licensing in Michigan

Having a liquor license can greatly increase revenue to you business.  However, pursuant to MCL 436.1531(1), the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (“MLCC”) may not grant in excess of one license for each 1,500 of population, or major fraction thereof.  Moreover, the legislative body of the local unit of government where the business is located must adopt a resolution approving issuance of an on-premise license.


Consequently, the competition for one of the invariably few available licenses is often fierce.   Our experienced attorneys provide strategic counsel on local processes governing whether your business will qualify for a liquor license.

At the Law Offices of RL Johnson, we have a track record of getting results in these cases.  In all cases, our goal is to resolve your legal matter in accordance with your objectives as expeditiously and cost effectively as possible.  

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