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Asset Protection

Protect your assets from lawsuits

The Biggest Threats to Your Business are Lawsuits and Excessive Taxes!

We are Attorneys helping successful businesses and individuals create, grow, and protect their wealth.  We serve as consultants to businesses, nonprofit corporations, and individuals in the areas of asset protection, business planning, corporate finance, financial resource analysis, tax reduction strategies, business continuation planning, and risk management.

"Over and over again courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging one's affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible."

           - Federal Judge Learned Hand, Helvering vs. Gregory, 69 F.2nd 809, (1935)



What is Asset Protection?


Asset protection is planning to protect your property from legal problems and taxes during your life and after your death.   Asset protection generally refers to strategies employed (e.g., trusts) to protect your wealth from creditors and predators.  It’s also a set of legal mechanisms and strategies designed to help you exercise control over your business, your personal property, and your legacy from beyond the grave.

Isn’t Asset Protection Just for the Wealthy?   

No!  An accident, an illness, a divorce, a wayward child, a death, a lawsuit, or even a mistake in a government computer can wipe out everything you have.   The real tragedy, however, is that it doesn’t have to be this way!


Our Asset Protection Planning Strategies Include:  


  • Domestic Asset Protection

       - Family Limited Liability Companies
       - Family Limited Partnerships

  • Asset Protection for Doctors & Other Professional

  • Asset Protection for Real Estate Owners and Landlords

  • Using Corporation for Asset Protection

  • Single and Multi – Member LLC’s

  • Interstate Asset Protection

  • International Asset Protection

  • Equity Striping

  • Titling, Re-Titling, and Transferring Assets



What are the Benefits of Asset Protection Planning?

​In short the benefits of a well-structured asset protection plan include:

  • Avoiding Potential Lawsuits

  •  Bulletproof Your Assets

  • Collecting your debts

  • Not overpaying your taxes

  • Avoiding employment-related lawsuits

How Does One Bulletproof Assets?

  • Create a legal firewall against predators

  • Use multi-barrier protection strategies to legally minimize the liability, hazards, and the risk of loss to your business and personal property

  • Restructure or liquidate your debts

  • Avoiding the Cost, Delays, and Publicity of Probate Through Savvy Wills, Trust, and Estate Planning


“Own nothing, but control everything.” 


- John D. Rockefeller 

Asset Protection
Threats to Your Domain

How Does Debt Collection Help One Protect Assets?

  • By minimize late payments and communicating with clients headed for collections you protect your cash flow

  • By collecting your debts legally and effectively you eliminate lawsuits arising from violations of (e.g., consumer protection laws)


How Does One Avoid Overpaying Taxes?

  • By exploring ways to legally reduce your taxes by up to 70%--e.g.:

        -  Income splitting and shifting
        -  Overlooked real estate deductions

  • ​By implement income and deduction strategies

  • By employing tax saving strategies for multiple businesses

  • Buy executing “Must Do’s” for rental & other real or valuable property

What Are Key Ways to Avoid Employment-Related Lawsuits?

  • Deal effectively with problem employees

  • Troubleshoot employment-related agreements

  • Execute money-making severance agreements and releases


Please contact us regarding your assets protection and planning, estate planning, generation succession, and any special family needs.

DISCLAIMER: All information contained in this website is for education purpose only. Law Offices of RL Johnson PLLC, its agents and affiliates cannot and will not render any legal or tax advice of any kind, unless said agent is duly licensed by the applicable state and/or federal authority to give said advice.


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