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Spousal Support

Many people have the misconception that spousal support is a thing of the past in Michigan, but the issue is raised in almost every divorce. Generally, spousal support is a useful tool, especially when we're representing a spouse in a long-term marriage or where there is a substantial disparity in income between the spouses. 


When divorce terminates a long-term marriage, spousal support is used in its traditional sense as support and maintenance of a former spouse who is unable to support himself or herself at a comparable standard of living due to years of financial dependence.


The longer the marriage, the older the recipient, the less able the recipient is to support himself or herself due to lack of education, job skills, or on-the-job experience, the more likely spousal support is to be awarded.


If you have questions about the likilihood of a spousal support award in you case, give us a call. 



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