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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are questions that frequently arise in our areas of practice. The questions and answers are--for the most part--particular to Michigan law. The topics include Family Law (including Divorce, Custody, Child Support, and Parenting Time); Probate; Bankruptcy; and, Immigration.


I just got served with divorce papers, what do I do?

I would like to get a divorce: Can you help?

My wife left me for another guy years ago so now and her whereabouts are unknown. Can I still divorce her?

My spouse sued me for divorce, but I never received notice: Is it possible to get the default set aside?

My husband has taken my children. What can I do?

My wife left me and is in a new relationship and I need to file bankruptcy: Can you help?

How do I terminate my child’s father’s parental rights?

We never consummated the marriage. How do get an annulment, not divorce?

My child’s father wants to sign off on her. Can he do this?

My wife left me for another guy years ago so now and her whereabouts are unknown. How do I divorce her?

I need a divorce, all the bills are in my name, and my husband won’t help. Can I get relief?

How do I terminate my child’s father’s parental rights?


We’re already divorced, the court awarded me child support--which he's not paying-- and gave him joint custody. He’s not taking good care of the kids when they’re with him: Can I just stop sending them to their dad?

How do I adopt my niece and nephew?

How is child custody determined?

The mother has full custody, but she’s destroying their religious beliefs and interfering with my parenting time: Can I get custody?

The mother left household and our four-month-old baby. We’re not married and we’ve never been to court. I’m unemployed. What’s my first step?

We’re divorced. I live in Michigan. I just accepted a job in Kentucky. It starts immediately. The order says he gets parenting time every other week. Can I leave with my son?

I want to know how I can get primary residence.

How do I protect my child from his father who uses and sells drugs and keeps guns in the house?


What will happen to my retirement plan in our divorce?

Wanting to separate and needing to divide finances.


I have full custody. She has parenting time, but she’s never around. What can I do where my child support is so high that I can't keep my head above water?

I’m out of work. How do I lower or eliminate my arrearage payments?

The state waited years to try to collect back support. Can I invoke latches to erase my back support?

I’m in arrears. I received a notice to appear for a “Show Cause” motion. What’s that?

Today, the court denied my request for a refund. I just paid off my arrears when the friend of the court garnished my tax refund. How do I get my overpayment back?

I just want to pay a fair amount of child support.

Can’t I just ignore this child support warrant?


My uncle’s showing the early signs of dementia. When can a guardian be appointed?


What are the key considerations for starting a business?

The Township is over zealously attempting to regulate my private property.

My tenants have stopped paying rent.


I’m missing a lot of work due to family illness and my bills are piling up. Do I need to file bankruptcy?

After six years my wife left me and is in a new relationship. Also I need to file bankruptcy.

I’m a single mom. I can't afford to get my wages garnished. Will bankruptcy prevent wage garnishment?

I have difficulty paying bills due to a work slow down. Is bankruptcy my only option?

Do I need to file bankruptcy before my wages are garnished?


How do I bringing a student from Japan to study English?

How do I get a fiancée visa for my girlfriend?

I’m from England. My visa expired before I married my husband who is a U.S. citizen. How can I get a green card?

I have a communicable disease. What bearing will this have on my up coming visa interview?

I’d like to marry my fiancé the next time that I come to the U.S. How do I get a K-1 visa?

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