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Debt Relief & Bankruptcy Attorneys in Michigan

Looking for bankruptcy attorneys in Michigan? Look no further and contact the best bankruptcy lawyers in Michigan today for a free consultation.

We are a debt relief agency. 
We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code

Debt Relief

Get a Fresh Start:

File Chapter 7

While bankruptcy may be your only option, we can help you determine if there’s another way out.

That is to say, in additional to assessing your eligibility to file Chapter 7, 11, or 13 our evaluation consists in three (3) parts:

  1. What are the consequences of doing nothing?   

  2. Is it possible and economically feasible to negotiate with your creditor(s) so as to avoid the need to file bankruptcy?   

  3. What will your financial picture look like after bankruptcy?


If it turns out that bankruptcy is the only solution to your problem, there are several things that you’ll need to do in preparation for filing the bankruptcy petition to ensure that your petition doesn’t get dismissed.


Thus, the place to start is a careful evaluation of your situation in light of the new changes in the bankruptcy code. This will help fix the timing and precise manner of your filing.


Our assistance may include bankruptcy relief.  We also employ strategies that:


  • Slow down—and often—avert collection activities

  • Help clients devise an actionable strategy for dealing with personal and marital debt.



Payment Plans

Pay down your debt over time:

File Chapters   

11 or 13

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Michigan


We also . . .

  • Represent clients in short sales to ensure that judgments include security for clients in the event an opposing party does not cooperate in a sale, or a party in possession defaults on a mortgage.

  • Ensure clients secure documentation verifying that lenders will not pursue a deficiency judgments following settlement.  Moreover, we help clients anticipate the tax ramifications associated with debt settlement—i.e., forgiveness of debt is treated as income.

Whether you’re struggling with mounting credit card debt or falling behind in your mortgage, you may want to discuss your options with a bankruptcy attorney. We represent Michigan businesses and individuals.


A Fresh Financial Start


We feel that you deserve to have the chance to apply the law for your benefit, which is why we can walk you through the bankruptcy process. We can discuss the different types of protection that are available while offering advice for Chapter 7, 11, and 13.


Need more information? Click the button below to view a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that provides more infomation about  bankruptcy, changes to the Code, as well as some ways that you may be able to avoid bankruptcy altogther.

DISCLAIMER: All information contained in this website is for education purpose only and is not intended to be legal advice.  Moreover, communication with this firm does not form an attorney-client relationship. That relationship only occurs upon the execution of a retainer agreement.  Moreover, while the information contained in this communication may be based on laws and court rulings, it must not be relied upon as legal advice on specific facts. Law Offices of RL Johnson PLLC, its agents and affiliates cannot and will not render any legal or tax advice of any kind, unless said agent is duly licensed by the applicable state and/or federal authority to give said advice.

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