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Controversies About U.S Immigration

Immigration has undoubtedly been the most uplifted issue in the U.S after Donald Trump was elected as the President. It led to the shutdown of the federal government from December 2018 to January 2019, with Mr. Trump arousing much criticism from opposing parties and the public. He labeled the immigration system in U.S as 'broken' and took it upon himself to make amendments to it.

While there are stories and Republicans to argue over the view that immigrants benefit the American society more than they pose a threat to it, polls and surveys have shown that the view about immigrants shared among most of the U.S public is favorable. The highest percentage of Americans since 1993 have voted saying that the U.S economy is helped by immigrants and fear about crimes being allegedly committed by immigrants is at its lowest levels.

This issue has created divisions among the voting public, with twice as much Democrats as Republicans in favor of the statement: 'immigrants have strengthened the country'. Democrats today, according to researches and trends over the years, seem to be more pro-immigrant than ever. Leaders of the Hispanic ethnicity have gained much recognition in the Democratic Party-are a part of it- and are now calling for the introduction of immigration policies that are pro-immigrant and fulfill the moral responsibility the country has as the leading nation in the world. They have also been proposing for highly skilled immigrants to be issued H-1B visas to enable them to contribute to the U.S economy.

The Republicans, on the other hand, seem to be divided from the rest of the country and even from within as well. One section-those of the likes of Stephen Miller-supports the hardline policies being introduced by Trump; building of the costly wall, crackdowns, arrests and other aggressive immigration policies and activities. These people stand with the President, believing the construction of The Wall to be the top priority of the country.

On the other side is the political group lead by the Koch Brothers: 'Americans for Prosperity'. These Republicans and their supporters are pro-immigration, like the majority of the country and Democrats, and call for embracing immigrants as they highly benefit the American society and economy. An example will help in highlighting the role they are playing in this matter, against the Trump administration. In January 2018, the I.C.E raided a hundred 7-eleven stores, making a couple dozens of arrests to crack down illegal immigrants. The Koch Brothers, however, with their low-key motive of keeping up the provision of low-cost labor to corporations and fueling their interests in the expansion of the GOP-coalition, stepped forward to help unauthorized immigrants by aiding them in gaining drivers' licenses, dealing with tax payment procedures and benefitting from health care facilities in order to attract and win votes from Latinos.

Lost in the debate about the budget and wage impacts is the question about the U.S having an obligation, a moral one, towards extending help to poor and needy families. This is the most effective form of aid conducted by U.S and doesn't only serve the purpose of charity-it boosts the U.S economy and benefits the entire American society in several ways unknown to an average American native.

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