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Restoring Your Driving Priveleges

License Restoration Before the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (Revocation for Substance Abuse–Based Convictions)

An individual who has had his or her driver’s license revoked may appeal to the Michigan Secretary of State’s Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (“DAAD”) for partial or full restoration of the license.  We can represent you in revocations under MCL 257.303, which governs the most common type of revocation—multiple convictions for drinking and driving.

License Restoration Appeal Before the Circuit Court

Under MCL 257.323(1), “[a] person aggrieved by a final determination of the secretary of state … may petition for a review of the determination in the circuit court.”  We can represent you in your appeal to the circuit court when a you have been denied restoration of your driver’s license in an administrative proceeding.


If you or your business needs to appeal a license revocation action by an administrative agency, we can help.   Give us a call and speak with a qualified attorney about your case.

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