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Employment Law and Human Resource Support

There are only two kinds of hiring mistakes:  Those that have happened and those that will.  The key is to
correct the hiring mistake as soon as it becomes clear that it has been made. 

However, a hiring mistake can be magnified exponentially by pre and post hiring errors that can result in costly
and time-consuming litigation that can stifle you operations and deplete your working capital.

We are experienced human resource support attorneys who will help your business avoid legal pitfalls by
ensuring that you business . . .

• Has legally sound human resource policies
• Conducts lawful employee background checks
• Conducts lawful pre-employment interviews
• Follows state and federal wage/hours laws
• Drafts binding non-compete agreements
• Drafts effective severance agreements
• Drafts effective independent contractor agreements
• Is well represented should the need for litigation arise

Please give us a call to discuss your business needs.

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