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Consumer Protection

We are experienced trial attorneys who successfully litigate consumer protection cases and recover actual and legal damages for our clients.


Some of the most commonly litigated consumer cases include:


  • Actions against overly aggressive debt collectors.  I.e., …

    • Violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ((FDCPA), 15 USC 1692 et seq.)

    • Violations of Michigan’s Collection Practices Act (MCL 445.251 et seq.)

    • Violations of Michigan’s Occupational Code (MCL 339.916 et seq.)




  • Actions against people or businesses that furnish false credit information about you.  I.e., …

    • Violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act ((FCRA), 15 USC § 1681s–2)




  • Actions against people or businesses who engage in unfair or deceptive sales practices.  I.e., …

    • Violations of Michigan’s Consumer Protection Act (MCL 445.901 et seq.)

    • Actions against predatory lenders. I.e., …

      • Violations of Michigan’s Credit Reform Act (MCL 445.1851 et seq.)

      • Violations of Michigan’s Credit Service Protection Act (MCL 445.1821 et seq.)

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